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Mauvaise Nouvelle de Clickin'me

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1 Mauvaise Nouvelle de Clickin'me le Dim 14 Sep 2008 - 0:06

Salut à Tous,

Clickin'me vient d'annuler le mode de paiement via Alertpay, seul le Wire Tansfer est autorisé .. toutes les demandes de paiement via Alertpay sont supprimés !!!!


Sat Sep 13, 2008 7:52 pm

Hi again!

As we all know, has got a problem with payments. We have got a very low 2 USD payout and more than 50 000 members, so everyday we get more payout requests than we are able to payout, so each day you need to wait longer and longer for your payment.

And because we will not end like with 9 months waiting time, we have decided to make a crucial step.

We hope you all will understand this and see it as a step forward to making the best PTC site on the internet.

We have acquired a software, that enables us to make nearly INSTANT payments through Wire Transfer. No waiting, no problems! And because of this, we have deleted all pending payout requests for Alertpay, so you can request a new payout through Wire Transfer and we have disabled the possibility of new payment requests through Alertpay.

We just are not able to make payments through alertpay, it takes too much time as you all see. With only Wire Transfer enabled, you will receive your money directly on your bank account, so there is no need to withdraw the money from a payment processor like paypal or alertpay to hold them in your hands. And without Alertpay we are able to fully concentrate us on Wire Transfer, so there really will not be ANY waiting time at all. We think all PTC sites should go this way, because it is the only possibility how to have fast and really secure payouts!

So now that we have cancelled your requests go to the Wire Transfer option in the menu and if you are fully verified request them again!

Also in a few days we will add the possibility to buy referrals, premium membership and advertisement through Bank Transfer. Through this the whole financial communication between us and our customers will be faster, more reliable and secure!

We hope you are glad to see that we have finally found a solution that fits to everyone and solves all our payout problems. will stay online for a long, really long time

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